2019 Accepted Oral Abstracts

Congratulations to the joint 2019 John Widdicombe Award winners for best Oral Abstract - Miranda Wright and Zhongmin Qiu.

Widdicombe award winners 2019


Speech and Language Pathology, Larynx & Upper Airway

Expiratory muscle strength training as treatment for chronic cough - Thomas Murry

Cough and laryngeal dysfunction in severe asthma - Anne E. Vertigan

Long-term outcomes following behavioral management of chronic refractory cough - Miranda Wright

Shortened swallow time and its implication in patients with chronic cough - Jin Pan 1st author; Zhongmin Qiu presenting

Reflux characteristics in patients with GERC complicated by laryngopharyngeal reflux - Li Yu

Clinical Observations

Guaifenesin as adjunctive therapy in chronic cough - Selwyn Spangenthal

Method and formulation for cold treatment in adults and children with increased safety - Bernard Silverman

Cough during therapeutic thoracentesis – what can pleural manometry additionally tell us? -  E. Magdalena Grabczak

Drug Development

BLU-5937, a highly selective P2X3 homotrimeric receptor antagonist, exhibits excellent pharmacokinetic and safety profile including improved taste safety profile in healthy subjects -Denis Garceau

Design of a topical TRPM8 agonist for cough - Edward Wei

A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized, crossover study to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of TRPV4 inhibitor GSK2798745 in participants with chronic cough - Valerie Ludbrook 1st author; presenter -TBD

Etiologies of Chronic Cough

Upper airway disorders in patients with upper airway cough syndrome - Marta Dąbrowska

Cough reflex sensitivity and fractional exhaled nitric oxide in children with asthma -  P. Kunc 1st author; Renata Pecova presenting

Changing etiological frequency of chronic cough in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai, China-Xianghuai Xu

Insights from Basic Science

Elucidating the role of human rhinovirus in chronic cough associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - Nicola Roe

ATP release from mechanically-stimulated human bronchial epithelial cells and activation of P2X3 receptors in a human sensory neuronal model - Orla Dunne

Characterisation of exosomes isolated by ultracentrifugation from human primary bronchial epithelial cells - Niall Downey

Morphological, molecular and functional characteristics of iPSC-derived sensory neurons. - A-C Devlin 1st author; Fionnuala Lundy presenting