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June 9

08h00  P. Dicpinigaitis (USA) – Introduction
08h15  B. Canning (USA) – (Intro/keynote lecture)-Neuronal nicotinic receptor (NNR) agonists as potential antitussives

Session: New Tools in Cough Research
Chairs: A. Morice and P. Dicpinigaitis
08h50  C. Page (UK) – Ozone model of cough hypersensitivity-preclinical model for evaluation of potential antitussives
09h15  L. McGarvey (N.Ireland) – Cough sensors from dental pulp stem cells
09h40  Coffee
10h00  J. Chae (USA) – Technologies Toward Wearable Devices / Systems to Monitoring Coughing
10h25  S. Birring (UK) – Performance of clinical trials in acute cough

Pro/Con Debate: TRP-antagonists will yield a safe, effective, approved cough medication
10h50  Pro: M. Belvisi (UK)
11h10  Con: A. Morice (UK)

11h45  Lunch

Clinical Challenges in Chronic Cough
Chairs: S. Birring and L. McGarvey
12h45  R. Wise (USA) – Cough in COPD
13h10  M. Horton (USA) – Cough in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
13h35  K.F. Chung (UK) – When you’ve reached the end of the algorithm: treatment options for chronic refractory cough

14h00  Oral Abstract session

15h30  John Widdicombe Award presentation

15h40  Coffee

16h00  Cough Center Workshop – M. Sher, P. Kelkar

June 10

Emerging Concepts in Cough-Clinical and Basic
Chairs: S. Birring and L. McGarvey
09h00  A. Kantar (Italy) – Clinical phenotypes of chronic cough in children
09h25  L-Y. Lee (USA) – Relevance of eosinophil granule-derived cationic proteins to airway hypersensitivity and cough
09h50  D. Bolser (USA) – Central control of cough and swallow: observations from animal models and clinical relevance
10h15  G. Fontana (Italy) – Somatic Trigger Points for Cough and Urge-to-Cough

10h40  Coffee

New Developments in Cough Therapy
Chairs: B. Canning and P. Dicpinigaitis
11h00  T. Murry (USA) – Role of the speech pathologist in management of chronic cough
11h25  A. Tershakovec (USA) – Update on clinical trials with the P2X3 antagonist, MK-7264 (AF-219)
11h50  J. Smith (UK) – Neurokinin (NK) antagonists as potential antitussives
12h15 M. Kollarik (USA) – Sodium channels: relevance to cough and antitussive development strategies

12h40  P. Dicpinigaitis (USA) – Chairman’s closing remarks

13h00  Lunch & Departures