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Oral Abstracts

The following oral abstracts were presented at the 2017 American Cough Conference

- Assessing the need and feasibility of a behavioral cough suppression therapy (BCST) screening tool – Laurie Slovarp

- The effect of a vocal loading test on cough and phonation in patients with chronic cough. - Anne E. Vertigan

 - Effects and mechanisms of cold environment on cough reflex reactivity in Guinea Pigs – Tongyangzi Zhang

- Antitussive effects of diethylcarbamazine. An uncommon antitussive agent? - Sai Kiran Nimmagadda

- Results from a Phase 2 study (VOLCANO-1) in chronic refractory cough with a novel antitussive therapy; the neurokine-1 receptor antagonist Orvepitant – Jaclyn Smith

- Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic studies of ATA-101, a potent and highly selective agonist for the alpha7 subtype of nicotinic receptors and effective antitussive – Brendan Canning

Congratulations to Dr.  Anne Vertigan, winner of the 2017 John Widdicombe Award for best oral abstract.